Proposals and activities

Production of handmade jams

Guialmons owns handmade jams and vinegars to marinate. Workshops for a few hours where you will find recipes and how to make jams.

Maria: 633739930

One morning doing as a shepherd

Near the apartment, at 11 km you can go out and join a sheep shepherd and share the activities of a farmer. Contact Gemma 659 842 745

Visit of the Villa of Santa Coloma

North door of the Cistercian route. Medieval village and Jewish quarter Call

Walk to the Romanesque church of Figuerola

You leave from house on the way between the fields and forest you will find 1 Km 30′

Ermita de San Miguel: altitude 947 m

At 4 km from the house you will find the Biure district (651 m), from the village there is a path that goes up, total descent 296m 1 hour walk.

Type of route: circular

Difficulty level: moderate

Cumulative difference: 351 m ascent and descent

Follow-up marks: signals from the Consell de Comarcal de la Conca de Barberà, wooden signals and white and yellow markings of PR (small route) corresponding to PR-C21 and PR-C21-1.

Route of the mills 2 km away from the house

This itinerary is part of the Molins de Santa Coloma de Queralt and Les Piles Route. It is a walk through the flour mills of the upper area Gaiàal terme de Les Piles, one of the most emblematic elements of the historical heritage of the Baixa Segarra, where the predominant cultivation is cereal.

Ciceruccan Monasteries Poblet, Vallbona de les Monges and Santes Creus

Of the three Cistercian monasteries, Santes Creus is the one that reproduces the Bernardine plan of construction more faithfully.

It is one of the largest and best preserved Cistercian monastic sets that we can visit today. Founded in 1168, protected by the nobility and the kings, it became a spiritual center, of studies and colonization of the territory. The monastic life remained uninterruptedly until 1835.

The church, of soberness and imposing architecture, has the royal tombs of Peter the Great and of James II and his wife Blanca d’Anjou, as well as that of Grand Admiral Roger de Llúria. We can also admire the Cistercian and Gothic stained glass windows and a baroque altarpiece by Josep de Tremulles.

We will also highlight the chapter room, the deskorium, the great monks’ bedroom and the Gothic cloister (14th century) attributed to the English Reinart des Fonoll, with an elegant carved decoration.

The scenic and audiovisual setting “The world of the Cister”, considered among the best in Europe of its kind, gives a very complete and fascinating idea of ​​the Order and its legacy.

Museum and glass oven (32 km Vimbodí)

Includes free visit to the collection and the live glass show empty.

The visit to the Museum and Glass Oven of Vimbodí consists of two parts:

  • Visit to the permanent exhibition, located on the first floor of the Museum, where you can find all the information related to the glass and its creative process
  • Exhibition of some old baked pieces

Recommended restaurants

  • Arravalo Restaurant (Blancafort) –> 18 Km away from home. Phone 977 058 009
  • Barcacana Restaurant (Sta. Coloma Queralt) –> 2.5 Km from the house. Telephone 977 880 640
  • Restaurant Eucaria (Tous) –>11 km from the house. Telephone 938 096 238
  • Colomí Restaurant (Sta. Coloma Queralt) –>2.5 Km from the house. Telephone 977 880 653
  • Restaurant Cal Ton (Sta. Coloma Queralt) –> 2.5 Km from the house. Phone 664 474 514
  • Penya Barça Restaurant (Valls) –> 34 km away from home. Phone 665 106 632
  • Ubac Restaurant (Sarral) –> 12 km away from home. Phone 977 262 205
  • Restaurant Can Punyetes (Sarral) –> 12 km from the house. Telephone 977 890 006